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  • I've always used my work to examine what is currently going on in my own life. It's cheaper than going to a shrink. "The Death of Captain Marvel" was a great way of working through my own father's death. When I finished with Captain Marvel I had turned him from a warrior into a mystic. Adam Warlock was a mystical messiah - where to go from there? Decided to reverse course and turn him into a suicidal paranoid/schizophrenic, which was the way I was feeling at the time.
  • I'm a firm believer that in-depth subjects can be better handled in a fantasy setting. ... Let's face it, traveling to some far off land is a terrific way to break the mold, to do something different. Isn't that why we go on vacations?
  • I've made more money in novels than I did in my entire career in comics. The few years I did novels, they paid off so well, I don't have to be a slave to doing comics. But I'd rather do comics than novels. If I wanted to do it just for the money, I'd run off and do another novel. I just don't have the juice for it. I'm really not interested in it. It's a love for what this medium is.
  • On Guardians of the Galaxy (2014): With all the hype I expected to be a bit disappointed. It just couldn't be as good as everyone was predicting. And they were wrong. It's even better than everyone said. It just might be Marvel's best movie yet.
  • As big as an elephant is, a whale is still larger. Everything's relative. Even gods have their spot on the food chain.