Vitali Alizier

Founder of Alizier Films in 2006. Producer, Director and Photographer. He worked for over 15 years in the corporate sector, obtaining a diversified professional background in international and domestic business. Alizier has extensive experience in strategic planning, venture development, financial analysis, market research, business and product development for international and domestic companies, including

  • Arclight Films, Independent Movie, Enjoy-Movies,Triada Films, New
York Empire Business Services, No Mystery Music. Working in the for-profit arena, Mr. Alizier maintained close contact with entertainment business and gained 10 years of experience in movie production. Most recently, he served as a Executive Producer in "No Mystery Studio". In 2006 Mr. Alizier opened his own business in US - "Alizier Intermedia", which specialized in the entertainment industry as well as in fiction film production on the territory of Eastern Europe and USA. In addition, Mr. Alizier was a partner in New York Empire Business Services, where he received stupendous experience in international negotiations. In 2007 he transferred to the consulting division. Announced as Rokotoff Denim - Creative Director on April, 2013.