Brendan Byrne Poster

Trivia (7)

Brendan, who was a non-smoker, ended up smoking over 250 cigarettes in 8 days, as his character 'Jay' in the feature film 'There's Something In The Pilliga'.

Brendan taught himself to drive a manual vehicle, 2 weeks before filming 'There's Something In The Pilliga', in which he drives an F350 truck.

Brendan, who grew up in the city and had never been hunting before, spent a whole day with some pig hunters in rural Cobar, NSW, to better understand their way of life and pick up their lingo in order to prepare for the role of 'Jay', an outback Aussie pig hunter, in 'There's Something in The Pilliga'.

Brendan wrote, produced, directed and acted in his multi-award winning short film "I'm Here Too', which is based on teen suicide prevention.

Getting creative, Brendan tries to tie in either a line or a prop from a previous movie into his current ones.

Brendan once put on 20 Kg's and grew his hair and facial hair for 6 months to play Jaxon Michael's; the desolate father who has given up on life, in 'Blind Justice'; before remarkably changing his appearance and shredding the 20 kg's for his next role as 'Kit Fisk' in the feature film 'Death's Waiting Room'.

To support himself and his family between acting jobs, Brendan has worked as Security, Youth Officer, First Aid Instructor, Armourer, and he has even joined the Army Reserves.