Billy Peck Poster


Billy Peck is an American actor who resides in New York City. Growing up in rural Ohio, Billy showed an immense, prodigious talent for performance, never missing an opportunity to be singing or starring in his high school or local community theater's plays and musicals. He knew he wanted to be an actor after watching "Top Gun" starring Tom Cruise. Billy received a talent based, full-ride scholarship to acting school allowing him to further develop his craft under the tutelage of some of NYC's most renowned acting instructors. After college, Billy Peck has continued to pursue a career in acting with a fervor that has impressed his instructors and peers. While no stranger to the press and tabloids, Billy prefers to allow his work and reputation to speak for him playing ingenue roles with a sincerity, depth and intensity that is uncommon from young, modern actors.

To quote one of his college instructors, "I am a 30 year veteran teacher, having worked in 10 BFA/MFA University settings and a number of the conservatories in New York. I am a professional director for both Theatre and Film. I mention this because to my experience, Billy is one of the finest students in acting that I have ever known. He is exceptionally attentive to detail in a character and takes notes with a passionate attitude that I have found rare in his generation. He is very bright, talented in the field of both theatre and acting for film and will distinguish himself."