Dorisa Day Poster


Award-winning actress Dorisa is a Los Angeles native. Her father was an engineer and her mother was a school teacher.

In 2016, she starred in a film that was accepted into Cannes Film Festival, entitled "London and the Muse." She played a fine artist who after the accidental death of her younger brother due to a tragic accident, through a macabre series of events, finds her muse, Luisa Casati in an attempt to redeem herself. She won best actress at the LA Shorts Awards.

Dorisa Day also played Mayan in an AFI short, "Terp" (2015), which got adapted to an Oscar-nominated short, "Day One" (2016). Dorisa played an Afghan woman in a military camp facing childbirth in dire conditions without medical support. She has appeared in television shows such as Good Girls Revolt, Mindy Project, and The Bridge playing Sicarios girl. In 2018, she starred in a national Google Sony commercial, and in 2015 in Discovery Channel commercial, "Animal Planet, Monster Week." Dorisa acted in numerous stage productions, such as "Worlds," playing a young woman who helps reawaken her forgotten self. She has been called in for action hero and drama roles.

Dorisa trained at Playhouse West, Improv Olympic, and other known studios. Her background has inspired a new artistic goal for her: "to live out the emotional aspect of a story in order to experience this magical emotional journey." To achieve this goal, she continues to take on challenging roles and study acting intensely.