Michael Nova is an existential explorer. A powerful performer, composer, filmmaker and producer, Michael has released his multimedia music and film project, X: The Human Condition (2009) with a DIY (do it yourself) aesthetic that persevered after over a decade of, at times, seemingly insurmountable challenges.

Michael worked for 12 years, self-funding X: The Human Condition, with the help of hundreds of actors, musicians and crew, who volunteered or cut their rates to be a part of the project, because of the message of the music and film.

His goal was to do "one good thing"- to create a live music and film project that would inspire people to overcome challenges in life, but he was about to face more challenges than he ever imagined.

With no previous experience in film, Michael directed, and was in the process of co-editing the film, when things took a turn for the worse. Previously in perfect health, he suddenly became severely ill and almost went blind.

X: The Human Condition seemed doomed. But though all this, something incredible was happening. The story of X: The Human Condition was now reflecting through to his real life and his real life experience entered into the story. They were coming together in a twisted, and artfully unexpected way.

Undergoing intense rehabilitation, Michael strengthened his resolve to complete this "one good thing". A full recovery was not expected, but it is amazing what you can do when you are passionate about something.

With the goal of inspiring people through the music and film, the behind the scenes story of X: The Human Condition now became an inspiration in itself. The project is a tribute to the strength of the human spirit.

In order to affect concrete change in others' lives, X: THC has partnered with several charities dedicated to help connect people who feel alone, alienated or "different". A portion of proceeds from ticket and album sales of X: The Human Condition will go to aid this vast community of people overcoming difficulties.