Originally from Seattle, Washington Eva began acting in school play productions at the age of 6. Continuing on through higher education Eva began branching into dance and music as well, being part of choirs, community musicals and taking jazz and ballet classes at Spectrum Dance Theatre. By middle school she was sure of what she wanted to pursue as a career. After acting and directing some student productions in high school she attended Western Washington University in Bellingham. Albeit for a short time as New York beckoned her name. Eva moved to New York City and began attendance at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy on the west side of Manhattan in fall of 2006. After graduation in 2008 she remained in New York for an additional year before making the decision to relocate back to her Pacific Northwest home. Thankfully it turned out to be a productive move and Eva has been fortunate enough to work on creating her own foothold in the Seattle Film Industry. In the 3 years since the migration she has worked on multiple films and productions with local companies, including her television debut in the SyFy channels original film 'Big Foot'. Breaking into voice over, Eva is working on her first audio book this fall which will become available first of 2014. As of autumn 2013, Eva is wrapping post production on a handful of films created over the past year as well as continuing to be involved with as many more projects as she can. Spring of 2014, Eva can be seen on stage for the first time since 2005 in Bainbridge Performing Arts production of 'The Kentucky Cycle'. Aside from acting Eva works as a chocolatier for her family company Trevani Truffles.