James Longshore Poster


James Longshore was born in 1978 in NYC, where he made his acting debut as Prince Mameillus in Kings County Shakespeare Company's "A Winter's Tale". During his childhood and adolescence, James went on to appear on Nickelodeon, PBS and MTV, as well as Off-Broadway in productions like the original staging of "Julie Johnson", later adapted into a film starring Courtney Love, Lili Taylor, and Noah Emmerich. James also dabbled in musical theater, including "The King and I" and later attended High School for Creative and Performing Arts in Philadelphia, PA. After graduating from Los Angeles Film School in 2004, James founded his own production company, where he created the mildly successful sketch comedy network "WFCT: The Thinking Mans Show For The Idiot" and made festival circuit short film "The Origin, Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The J.O.I.N.T.", introducing the character of James Bong.At the same time he continued acting in films and on stage in Los Angles. In 2010, James re located to Europe, specifically to Bucharest, Romania, where he found success acting in award-winning films like the Italian movie "Diaz: Don't Clean Up This Blood", winner of a Berlinale Audience Choice Award and many Donatellas, and on national network TV there on Pro TV's "Tanti Florica", an adaptation of BAFTA Award-Winning BBC sitcom "Mrs. Browns Boys". He also filmed Michael Damian's "High Strung" which premiered at Cannes in 2015. While in Romania, James also acted as a dialogue coach on films staring Sharon Stone, Andy Garcia, Stephen Rea and Steven Bauer, and started his own English-language Acting Academy, "Acting In English", the first of it's kind in Romania.

James has lived in Paris, France, since late 2015where he has completed acting in two films written and directed by Bianca Mina, "Trip In Paris" and "Play Paris For Me", both premiering in 2016, along with High Strung hitting cinemas in April 2016 in the USA and released in France in August 2016. James also co-writes and supervises production of a comic book "James Bong: Cannabis Crusader' with Bianca Mina, which is based on the character he created, and which sold over 5,000 copies in 2016, and is published in the US in cannatourism guide Cannapages, reaching 1 million, and in Canada in HIGH!Canada, a magazine with a circulation of up to 100,000.