Donna Glee Reim was born and raised on a farm in Oklahoma during the Great Depression. Donna spent her life there until she graduated high school in 1948 and went on to nursing school. Donna's nursing career was spent mainly in the area of psychiatry. She met and married her husband in the late 50's and as he was a naval aviator and we moved a lot and she devoted those years to raising her family. Donna returned to psych nursing after they were grown and practiced nursing until she was in her early 70's. When Donna retired, she decided to follow her passion and began her acting career. Casting Director Jodi Purdy first cast her as a background actor in the movie "Pink Panther 2" and that was followed by 20 other major motion pictures including "Shutter Island" where Donna played a psychiatric nurse in the 1950's. Ironically, Donna had been a nurse in psych nurse in the 50's and was able to show the wardrobe people actual pictures of uniforms from that era. Donna Glee Reim lives outside of Boston, Massachusetts. She is Grandmother to Meredith Prunty.