Peter Wickliffe was born on October 26th at Palomar Hospital in Escondido, California. He and his family moved to Washington when he was 10 years old and settled in the small town of Raymond. His parents divorced a year later and his mom raised him and his six other siblings. After his parents divorce Peter and his family moved to various locations in Washington, until finally settling in Oregon. Peter attended Jewell High School, where he received his diploma, and began getting involved in the theatre department. Before Peter's move to Oregon he had done several school films and short films made with middle school friends. During Peter's senior year of High School, his mom re-married, causing the family to once more move. After Peter graduated High School in 2006 he moved out of his parent's house and began working and acting on the side. His first paid gig was a short film titled "For God and Country" directed and produced by The Donnelly Brothers. Soon after he moved to Ashland, Oregon and quickly got involved with film and theatre in the area. In 2009 he got involved with The Camelot Theatre in Talent, Oregon where he has been acting, writing, directing and working since. He was involved in several other short films, including "Dear Dad.." which was written, directed and starred him. Peter resides in Talent, Oregon where he actively pursues a career in theatre and film.