Natasha Behnam Poster


Natasha Behnam is a trilingual actress/comedian, writer and director who received her Bachelors in Arts from Loyola Marymount University's prestigious Film & Television school. She starred in the Universal Studios / Netflix reboot of American Pie: Girls' Rules (2020), and Hulu's 2021 Holiday Rom-Com, Cupid for Christmas. Her TV credits include Crazy Ex Girlfriend (CW), Animal Kingdom (TNT), and Arranged (CBS/POP TV Pilot '18). Natasha is a UCB and Groundlings trained improviser, and has preformed with a plethora of teams over the years, such as FoxHole, Bath Bombs, and Laser Squad Bravo. In 2021, she was an Actress & Writer for the ViacomCBS Comedy Showcase. She also writes and directs her own content, and looks forward to owning her own production company someday. Aside from acting, Natasha has an affinity for traveling and learning new languages (she speaks basic German and French, and is fluent in Farsi, English, and Spanish). She is a meditation teacher, trained in Hindu/Buddhist/Yogic and Tantric lineages, and brings a soulful touch of genuine human connection to all of her work.