Rising star Maddi Jane is a singer/songwriter and actress whose YouTube channel garnered over 400 million views and her loyal fan base exceeds 3 million followers across the social media platforms. She starred opposite Amy Smart in the Sony Pictures release "Apple of My Eye" and she thoroughly enjoyed her acting roles in "Makin' It!" and "Pizza & Karaoke." Maddi Jane's remarkable backstory dates back to when she was 11 years old- a singing prodigy whose most famous fan was Ellen DeGeneres. A short time later, Maddi Jane was invited and appeared on the "Ellen" show. Since then she masterfully covered today's most popular songs and produced incredible music videos. She has been featured in promotional campaigns with Disney, Justice Clothing Stores, M&Ms/Meier and Honda and has graced the screen in commercials for reputable retailers such as CVS. Today she continues doing what she loves- composing and performing original songs. She's studying the art of audio production and is looking forward to releasing her first original album in 2019.