Adam Chernick Poster


Twelve-year-old comedian Adam Chernick stands just five feet tall, but he's already being compared to some of the giants of stand-up comedy, like Woody Allen and Robin Williams, who raved: "Adam's one of the funniest kids I have ever met!" Adam, (who has also been dubbed the 'Mozart of comedy' by industry veterans), is now also making national headlines with his own utterly unique brand of observational, political, and pop culture humor, that belies his tender years. The best way to describe Adam may be simply this: 'an old comedic soul in a kid's body,' and his unique view of the world is quickly garnering the attention of some of Hollywood's most powerful and influential taste-makers, like multiple Emmy nominee Rainn Wilson (star of NBC's hit comedy "The Office"), who after meeting Adam, told his millions of Instagram followers that he'd just me with a "future comedy superstar." Adam says his dream is to one day star in a sit-com based on his life and family (and host his own talk show), but until then he's happy to do what he truly loves: which is just to "make people laugh." Video of his comedic showdown with the former Alaskan Governor immediately went viral on Facebook, and instantly garnered an astounding 7.8 million views and counting.