Isabela Moner Poster

Quotes (10)

  • I'm 5 feet tall, and that's on a good day.
  • Working with a green screen was a little challenging but once I used my imagination, it was easier.
  • You are going to understand the story even if you haven"t seen any of the others. Michael Bay wanted to bring the youth back to the movie.
  • There were explosions behind us, cars were flipping... I was just nervous for my life because I was trying to stay up with Mark Wahlberg in these little heel boots. You have to allow your primal instincts to kick in to stay alive. I made it.
  • It was fun and it was crazy and it was also like the best experience a 15-year-old could have [filming Transformers: The Last Knight], so thanks, Michael Bay.
  • Shia [LaBeouf] was my first introduction to Transformers.
  • I don't think I'm a scary person. Maybe it comes down to how I'm always traveling. I guess I'm going to make my dad happy by not dating till I'm 30.
  • I can make the best fart noises. I can make like 10 different sounds at different levels. It was super-fun on set as serious a movie as it is.
  • I just tell people I got into a fight. And that they should see the other guy.
  • I had two brothers, and those [Hot Wheels] were the most interesting toys to me. I just gravitated towards them. No one told me to; no one told me I shouldn't. I just kind of did. People should make those decisions based on what they're drawn towards.