Nathaniel began his career at a very young age, following in his mother's footsteps, Magdalena Villanueva, who at that time was a professional dancer and singer. He made his way in the industry through TV shows, theater, musicals and films, sharing the stage with personalities such as Gael Garcia during the production of a soap opera called "My grand Father and I", Regina Torne as a member of her professional theater company and many others. He also lent his voice and singing talents to various Latin American versions of Disney characters for film and television while working as an employee of the CMG recording studios. These films include The Lion King and Tarzan, amongst others.

In 1998 Nathaniel joined a professional theater company called "Xpresion", where he acted in several comedies and musicals, such as "PS: Your Cat Is Dead", 11 & 12, The Bird Cage, Christmas Plays, Bernarda Alba's House, Cats the Musical, A Chorus Line, Hello Dolly, My Fair Lady and many others.

Between 2000 and 2001 Nathaniel became an active member of the professional Company of Regina Torne (a known Mexican actress featured in the film "Like Water for Chocolate"), acting in stage plays of various genres. He also began his official dance and acting training, which continues to this day.

Between 2002 and 2003 he joined a contemporary and classical dance company where he participated in assorted dance festivals, such as "International Festival Of Contemporary Dance Of Soloists And Duets" and professional showcases for which he was not only a dancer but also the choreographer. In these events he took to the stage with some of the most important dancers from around the world. He was also an active member of the Sinaloa of Arts professional chorus, where besides having a professional singing formation for opera, he toured with Italian, Spanish, french and Mexican opera productions. Some of these productions include: The love potion, Carmen, Caballeria Rusticana, The Messiah from Hendel, amongst others.

Between 2002 and 2005 Nathaniel's artistic career not only became more versatile, but also busier and more rewarding. He joined the National Institute of Beauty Arts in Mexico where he had a formation as an integral dancer for Classical Ballet, Contemporary or Modern dance and Traditional dances. Parallel to this he joined the Acting Academy for Theater, Television and Films where he graduated earlier than expected due to his substantial prior experience.

Also during this period he participated in numerous artistic events, such as traditional stage plays, musicals, dance events, films, short films and sketches. He was awarded first prize for the national Choreography contest by the National Institute of Beauty Arts, and he also received awards for his plastic arts skills in a mural contest. He won the first and second prize on a singing talent showcase with both pop music and traditional Mexican music among many other awards.

Nathaniel was awarded the "Arts Professional" award in 2004 for his multi-disciplinary skills in the arts industry.

Between 2005 and 2006, Nathaniel took on a bigger challenge moving to Montreal, Canada. He immediately began English and French linguistic training in order to continue his professional artistic career. He joined the internationally known dance studio "Arthur Murray", where he took training in ballroom, social and Latin dance; not only to teach but also to perform. He participated in international events such as "The Rhythms of the World", a world renowned event in Montreal, where he danced a contemporary solo called "Black and white". In this production he also choreographed and performed a traditional Mexican dance number with dancers from all around the world. He participated in the overture of a yearly event called "Salsa Folie"; a salsa, merengue and bachata event for Latin dance lovers. He also participated in his first international Ballroom competition "La Classique du Quebec" where he and his student won the Rising Stars award. Between 2006 and 2007 he was cast as Roger in the musical production of Grease, produced by a Broadway Camp company. He was both choreographer and emcee on the musical production of Cabaret, in addition to assisting the costume designer to create the 1920's vision of the production. This production was also made by the Broadway Camp Company.

Between 2009 and 2010 he was cast as a Lumiere on the musical production of "Beauty and the Beast" by the HMC Hudson Music Club, where he was also the make-up coordinator, and provided assistance on costume creation. He produced, directed and acted in the production "Dracula the musical", where he performed the role of Dracula and designed the costumes and set. He was also cast as a backup dancer and singer of an original production called "The jazz Singer" by the Segal Center in Montreal. Among the companies Nathaniel has temporarily worked for as a singer and voice actor are Cirque du Soleil for the Dralion Production, Disney LA for feature films, and TBA Montreal as a dancer.

Between 2010 and the present Nathaniel has continued his vocal, dance and acting training, which has given him the skills to be part of his first English feature film "The Devil's music", a film by Jerome Cloutier. He was also cast as a backup dancer and singer for the musical production "The Rocky Horror Show" by the Rialto Theater.