Layal Syriani Poster


Layal Syriani Badaro is a multilingual American/Lebanese actress. She discovered her passion for art and acting at an early age when she read "Anna Karenina" story and felt connected to her, she even wrote a script based on the book to perform for school. Since then, she has been involved in all of her school theater performances and dances, she even choreographed a few. Right after high school, Layal was recruited by Giorgio's Agency which started her short career in modeling. After modeling for few print campaigns, Layal felt that her calling was more for preforming arts and journalism. She enrolled in the Media Faculty and pursued an acting career at the same time. Her personality and looks caught the attention of a media recruiter who got her an audition for a Morning show for the highly admired Infinity TV in Dubai. The producers at Infinity TV loved her audition that they hired her as a main host for their renewed daily live morning show. Layal worked on that show for 3 years, gaining experience in producing, content creating and interviewing celebrities. She even had her own show for 2 consecutive years during Ramadan, a high season for TV in the Middle East. Through this exposure she was asked to star on the cover of "Al Mar'a Lyom" magazine, one of the most highly circulated magazines in the Middle East. Layal quickly became in demand for TV shows that she was selected as the face for Lipton Tea commercial campaign, the running of it was so successful that it continued into its second year of broadcasting. All the TV glamour Layal experienced early in her life didn't divert her from her first passion, acting. She would go on to take acting classes while working in TV under Celebrities renewed coach Michelle Danner, she even took Summer workshops in Stella Adler, Los Angeles. During her stay in Dubai she also worked on several feature films for local productions. It wasn't until she moved back to Beirut that her acting career flourished. She signed a contract with one of the biggest production companies to be a series regular on 2 TV Shows for LBC Network, one of the biggest networks in the Middle East. To further advance her career and acting skills, Layal yet again moves back to Los Angeles to pursue the acting career she always dreamt of. She has been on Showtime's Next stop for Charlie as well as on set of many American TV Shows since Layal's acting training includes a vast knowledge and practice in both Meisner and Stella Adler. Her ability to use her own background, individuality and experience authentically in her work is what defines her talent.