Bjorn Stewart is a Sydney based actor, writer and director. Most notably he was a writer and actor in the Logie nominated series 'Black Comedy'. Bjorn has performed and did additional writing for ABC's 'At Home Alone Together', 'Get Krack!n' and the controversial daily news series 'Tonightly with Tom Ballard'. Connecting with content creators and comedians Bjorn has collaborated with Skit Box members and has performed in their sketch series 'Wham Bam Thank You Mam'. Bjorn's first feature film debut as an actor was in the darkly comic schlock horror flick Craig Anderson's 'Red Christmas'.

Bjorn is also a filmmaker with directing credits such as, 'I'm Gonna Make It', 'Last Drinks at Frida's' and horror-comedy short 'Killer Native', which is in development to become a feature film, 'Invasion of the Killer Natives'. His films have premiered at Sydney Film Festival and have screened at film festivals across the world since.