Malala Yousafzai Poster

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Survived a shot in the head on a school bus by Taliban gunmen because of her campaign for girls' rights, such as education. [October 9, 2012].

She fights for the rights of women because "they are the ones who suffer the most".

Addressed the United Nations Youth Assembly on her 16th birthday (July, 12 2013).

Nominated for 2013 Nobel Peace Prize but did not win it.

Named one of "The 100 Most Influential People in the World" by Time Magazine. [April 2014].

Girl Meets World: Girl Meets Flaws (2014) (which her name and actions were discussed in) originally premiered the week that she became the youngest-ever recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Has an asteroid named after her. NASA astrophysicist Amy Mainzer discovered the asteroid 316201 on June 23 2010 and gave it the name "316201 Malala", or "2010 ML48". Mainzer decided Malala deserved to be immortalized after reading her story of activism promoting the right of girls' to go to school in Pakistan. The asteroid is 4.084 kilometers in diameter with a very dark surface (the color of printer toner) and it circles the sun between Mars and Jupiter every 5.46 years.

Was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014.

Daughter of Toor Pekai Yousafzai and Ziauddin Yousafzai.

Malala is an education activist.

Co-founder of the Malala Fund, an organization to empower girls through education in developing countries.

Was named Malala, after Malalai, the famous Pashtun heroine.

Grew up in the Swat Valley in northern Pakistan.

Is the world youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner. [2014].

Times: Most Powerful And Inspirational Women Of The Past Century #5 2009.

Graduated from the University of Oxford in 2020 with a degree in Economics, Philosophy & Politics.