Stephen entered the world of film production in 2010 with the development of aerial platforms before anybody knew what drones were. His innovations were featured in Scientific American magazine and many other publications for being the first person to ever fly a cinema camera on an RC platform for a high profile multi-million dollar Fox Sports Ad.

Stephen is a director of photography and editor, and is supremely passionate about making quality productions that grip the viewer and call to action. The documentary he produced on the flood in Iligan Philippines in 2011 sparked a flood of donations from private and public accounts which ultimately led to the building of homes for 50 families. A short documentary he produced on water treatment was adopted into the curriculum of the University of Arizona for environmental sustainability. He has been director of photography and editor for feature films as well as a national television series on PBS. He has also produced a web series called "Restoring the Honor" a series honoring fathers of the past and telling their extraordinary stories. The feature motion picture Hope for the Holidays (2020) for which Stephen was cinematographer and editor won best picture twice from IVCM and Red Letter Awards.

Stephen has an intuition for storytelling through film that can move an audience to their core. As a producer his ultimate passion is to tell stories that preserve what once was right and true and the core of every human; goodness, compassion, mercy, justice and faithfulness.