Julian Kostov Poster

Trivia (22)

Graduated 'IV Spanish Language high school', Varna, Bulgaria with a Distinction (2004-2008).

Studied International Business in Tilburg University 2008-2010. He then transferred to the University of Cardiff's collage in London in 2010 and graduated in Business Studies in late 2011.

Became a Gillette face for Sky Sports, UK in 2012.

Has a younger sister - Lia Kostova. Born 1998.

Got to the second round of the auditions for the role of Tarzan in the new 'Constantin Film' remake - Tarzan (2013). The role went to Kellan Lutz.

Speaks Bulgarian, English, Spanish and Italian.

Earned the "Master of Sport" title in Swimming in 2008.

He was awarded "Varna's Sportsmen #6 of the Year" for 2007 and 2008.

Ten times National Swimming Champion of the Republic of Bulgaria 2005 - 2009 and Balkan Tournament Bronze Medalist 2007.

Other sports achievements in amateur tournaments include Athletics, Beach Volleyball and Football (Soccer).

Was a pentathlon champion of Bulgaria at age 12.

He did his first leading role in a feature film in December 2012. "Code Red"'s cinematic release is set for September 2013.

He was admitted to the National Youth Theatre of Great Britain in 2011 with his first ever acting audition.

Learned English from watching Cartoon Network as a child.

Julian came close after having three callbacks for the role of Finn in the new Star Wars Trilogy.

His inspiration for becoming an actor was Heath Ledger's performance as The Joker in "The Dark Knight".

He lost 23 pounds in 5 weeks during the filming of 'Another Mother's Son" for his role of Bill.

He had to turn down a major part in Millennium Films's "Security" with Antonio Banderas and Ben Kingsley because it was being filmed at the same time as "Another Mother's Son".

He turned down the lead role in the final season of "Undercover" - the most famous and acclaimed Bulgarian TV-series.

Huge Star Wars fan. He had homemade lightsabers as a teenager and would invite friends to duel.

Shortly after receiving his Bachelor's degree in Business Management from London's UWIC branch, he burned his certificate and committed his energy to becoming and actor. At that point he had only done a 2-week acting course at the NYT and had 3 student short films worth of experience.

While filming on location in Cornwall for "Another Mother's Son", he was riding a bike on a dirt road of a hill near the sea. He was blown off the road by the downdraft of the helicopter filming him but managed to hop off in time before falling down the hill.