Joseph R. Porter Currently live's in Seattle Washington. Porter is a novelist, screenwriter, poet and actor. His writing credits include, Loss of Control, A Life Never Wanted, Five Minutes to Midnight, Visions of Murder, End of the Rope and Redemption. Much of his work includes not only Novels, but the matching screenplays to them as well. His work has been bestowed film festival awards and two of his current screenplays, Loss of Control and End of the Rope, are currently waiting production. Porter Graduated with a degree in psychology from San Diego State University. It was during his studies there, he became so engrossed with the human mind and how easy it was to actually, "snap," without one knowing until it was too late, that he chose the psychological thriller genre as his main writing style. As a poet, Porter has won many awards with much of his work archived in the Congressional Hall of Poetry in Washington DC. As an actor, Porter attended The San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts and ended up graduating from La Jolla High School. He started his professional acting career at age 18, opening the very first stage production of the newly build, La Jolla Stage Co. In La Jolla Ca. with the 26 night production run of Oliver. Since then, he's gone on to do films and stunt work for Lethal Weapon, Fargo, Live and Let Die, Bonzi, Lucky Them, Seven Minutes, Laggies, Wyatt Steps Out, Kismet Kafe etc. Porter can be seen in many commercials as well as several web series including Caulsality, directed by Ralph Fontaine. As of 2013, Porter was a primary cast member, Hank, in Still, The Web Series. Created by and directed by Jonathan Holbrook of Chronicle Factory LLC. Porter is also the host and producer of his own entertainment radio show, Seattle's Entertainment Eve, on blogspot radio.