Alain Maiki Poster


Alain Maiki is the founding member of Epic In Motion, Corp. With over 20 years of experience as a producer and musician, Alain Maiki began at a young age by diligently watching his father write poetry and songs. Through these early lessons, Alain Maiki learned a great deal about complex song composition which them lead him to become a music producer as well.

However, it was ultimately his move to the United States that truly allowed Alain Maiki to develop his diverse outside of music. His passion for the film industry and to work on music scores as well as original compositions for several indie films. Alain Maiki next decided it was time to get hands on with great stories, well written scripts, and a visual production team to lead them as a director in order to bring together his unique experiences of music and video/film.

To this date, Alain Maiki has produced and directed numerous music videos, short films, and 2 feature films to his credit. His most prolific film "Devuélveme La Vida", produced & directed by him, was released in 2016 in Venezuela and has received film festival's nominations and awards across the globe. His new film "UMA", is his second feature film where he had the chance to direct extraordinary Latin leading actors such as Ana Turpin, Henry Zakka, Alexandra Braun, Fabio Bonini, among others, which earned many international film festival awards during the end of 2017, now ready to be released in 2018 in Venezuela theaters, among other countries.

"Hope" is the latest project he leaped on board, considering the importance of the theme of helping a community in need like the Puerto Rican community during the tough times after hurricane Maria devastated the island. He collaborated on both the mission and the capturing of the moments to share it around the world and bring consciousness to society.

Alain is working on new stories for feature films and documentaries as well for 2018-2020.