He spent as much as seven hours a day learning Disco dancing for his role in ''The Get Down (2016)''.

He worked as an architect and city planner before he began acting.

Studied drama at Yale. He was also accepted into New York University and Harvard.

He is the first actor to play Aquaman's arch-enemy Black Manta in live-action.

Studied Architecture at Berkeley.

He was on the track team in college.

He didn't know how to swim prior to being cast in Aquaman (2018) and learned how to do so before starting production.

Raised in Oakland, California.

His name is properly pronounced like Ya-he-ya but doesn't like when people say "YAH-YAH".

Was prom king in high school, though he was a self-described geek.

He has no middle name.

His favorite actress as a child was Julia Roberts.

He has a mild stutter, which is part of the reason he took acting classes.

If he could portray a musician in a biopic film, he'd want to play Marvin Gaye.

Signed on to play Cal in Watchmen under the impression that he would be playing Regina King's husband. He had no idea he was actually going to be Dr. Manhattan too, the role for which he won an Emmy Award.