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Trivia (3)

She fell off the roof of the Grand Bazaar while filming a scene for Cute and Dangerous.

She is a Turkish citizen. American Indians and Turkics lived in same region. Firstly, Turkics lived in Khakassia , Altai mountains and have red-blonde hair and blue eyes. They immigrated to East Asia, Europe, India, Africa. Nowadays, Some Turkics have slanted eyes, light or dark skins. Some historians think mongolian's ancestor haven't small slanted eyes. Scandinavian's Odin was Turk. Scandinavian, Mongolian, Turkic(Scythians, Huns) was same in the past and they had blue-big asian eyes. Amazons (Scythian Women) and "Meiramgul" who a Kazakh (Turkic) nomadic girl in Mongolia share same ancestor.

Sven Lagerbring stated that Odin was Turk. Firstly Turkics lived Altai Mountain. Big sea in asia dried, they went to European, Siberia, East Asia, Indian, Africa. Nowadays, The most isolated Turkic people is Basque people. Celts, Etruscans, Scythians are Turkic people. Roman empire assiimiilabled Turkic people (%51 of European). Also, People in Turkey are mix Turkics and others.