Jessy Gbadago Poster


Jessy Gbadago is a French actress who was born in Aubervilliers (93) in France, from Togolese and Norman descendants. She is graduated from a Master in Information and Communication (2009). In 2012, she decided to study theater in Paris.

In parallel, Jessy has drawn, among other things, a world around various techniques from the body. First, by contemporary dance (2012-2013), then by sports of fights (2015-2017), via street training with the Cross-martial (Technique de combat and muscle building) and Karate Goyu Ryu Workout.

Fascinated by hip-hop and urban culture, Jessy has focused since 2017 on hip-hop dance with popping. In addition, she also practices a physical training daily since 2016.

Jessy signs her return to screen in "Bechdel", a short film in black and white, directed by Kenya Boga (2019). The same year, she won a role in a web series and two promotional films.

In the coming months, big projects will put Jessy in the limelight. To not miss anything, follow its news.