An Elizabethan complexion, fiery hair, a dancer's body, a sprinkling of freckles and expressive eyes that hint at hidden depths, intrigue and unexpected surprises. Estelle Terblanche has a feel of the ethereal, offset by an element of quirkiness. A determined survivor with a fragile power. She is the overeager perfectionist whose inner hippy just wants to break free. The independent feminist intellectual who is secretly a hopeless romantic. The awkward, but lovable nerd. The quiet best friend who ends up getting the guy. The upper class lady who can banter with the best of them. The aloof, demanding snob who can come across as bitchy, but is really terrified of rejection and failure. The sensitive soul who wants to save the world. And although she fights for the rights of the underdog, she can also use her subtle sense of humor to laugh at the ridiculousness of life. She marches to her own drum, but often struggles to accept herself, wishing she could just fit in.

After completing her B.Dram (Stellenbosch) with a focus on theatre acting and physical theatre, she gained film industry experience as a casting assistant. She continues to expand her skills with many film acting courses and workshops, most recently training with Matthew Harrison from The Actor's Foundry in Vancouver. Her work includes Films (House Party, The Price of Sugar, Hollywood in my Huis), Television (SAF3, Bolandmoorde, Troy: the fall of a city), Theatre (#actorslife, Dreams, Ghost Story, Boekbuddies) and Short Films (To the Passerby, I was Here, Die Onderspit). Apart from collaborating with other creatives, Estelle strives to create her own work in order to tell the stories she truly believes in. Her writing work includes a children's book, short films, theatre and television reviews, an eco-vlog, her lifestyle blog, a one-woman show and a feature film script. Estelle aims to show the world that your magic lies in being yourself - flaws and all! After all "Anything is possible if you have enough nerve!" - Quote from Harry Potter by J.K Rowling