Léa Mysius was born in Bordeaux on 4 April 1989. She spent her first thirteen years in the Medoc region (where she filmed most of her first feature "Ava", whose eponymous character is a... thirteen-year-old girl!) Following her parents, she lived on the Reunion island until she graduated from high school. She then came back to Metropolitan France. She studied at the Sorbonne in Paris before joining the Femis School. Still learning the ropes of her trade at the film school, she was already noticed for her talent both as a writer and director. Her first short Cadavre exquis (2013). told an unusual and unsettling story, that of a boy fascinated by the corpse of a beautiful dead girl. It earned Léa Mysius the SACD Award at the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival. Her next two shorts, Thunderbirds (2014) and L'île jaune (2016) (the last one co-directed by cinematographer Paul Guilhaume), were in turn shown in many festivals and also won awards. Léa Mynius was only 26 when in the Summer of 2016 she started filming Ava (2017), her first feature. As offbeat as her shorts, 'Ava' has another young teenager as its central figure, and one who loses sight into the bargain. And the second character is a young gypsy rejected by his family. Not the standard French film heroes indeed. Moreover, seeing 'Ava', one realizes that Léa Mysius is already a genuine author (adolescent malaise, the sea, the water, dogs, among others, are characteristic elements present in two or several of her four films). A fruitful career is undoubtedly in store for Léa Mynius, one of the youngest and - not one of the least personal - French directors