Alex Delescu Poster


Alex was born in north-east Romania in 1979 into a working class family during the communist regime. He showed an early interest in the performing arts repeatedly winning poetry recital competitions from age 5. Later in life, in the first year of high school, Alex joined the drama club which went on to win regional competitions year after year. This early success and recognition led Alex to study Drama and Performing Arts at University. At 18, Alex started working with the local theatre, Mihai Eminescu, initially playing small parts but soon , having earned the respect of peers he was playing leading roles. He was particularly noted for his roles in comedy classics. Alex moved to Constanta to attend Ovidius University at age 21, following his dream to become a professional actor, gaining a Bachelor degree through The Caragiale Academy of Theatrical Arts and Cinematography, Bucharest. During his 4 year study of drama and the performing arts, he was invited to join the local theatre. In 2007, Alex decided to see the world. Continuing to entertain, he enjoyed the experiences of Hotel Entertainment, on the islands of Greece and Cyprus. His experience during this period included dramatic fire shows, presentation,audience participation and stage performing. Already fluent in Romanian and English, he quickly improved his French and Italian. After 6 years Alex's desire to break into screen acting led him to move to London. Since then, he has been involved in a number of film and television projects including music and corporate videos, the movie 1603, the short film Adversary, and the successful series The Night Manager. Often cast as a villain because of his Eastern European gangster look and accent, he equally enjoys the comedic roles which come naturally to him.