Sylvano Harvey Poster


At a very young age, Sylvano already showed signs of a strong passion for martial arts, historical films and medieval fantasy. He also grew very at ease with screens and cameras since he did a lot of stand-up in his adolescence and later took part in many acting workshops. As a illustrator specialized in medieval fantasy, a photographer and a model maker, he is a talented visual artist to whom every detail is important and known for his devotion and passion. Never letting down his projects, he always pursues perfection and never really lands very far from his goals! With his innate sense for visual arts, he transports his audiences through the universe of a man who lived and saw many countries and cultures. The richness of his character can yet truly be sensed through the cleverness of his scripts and the depth of his characters. His "baby" is the project on which he his working at the moment, Enemy of Rome, a saga of 13 episodes in the ancient Rome where he plays the character of Vitellius. He is the screenwriter and leading role of this saga.