American professional wrestler as Kodama of the Batiri in CHIKARA and other promotions. Debuted as Obariyon's tag team partner in a four-way tag team elimination match against the Osirian Portal (Amasis and Ophidian), the UnStable (Vin Gerard and STIGMA) and Incoherence (Hallowicked and Frightmare) at "CHIKARA Eye to Eye" on September 18, 2010. Made some appearances with Obariyon as anonymous druids accompanying UltraMantis Black. This changed at the 2010 Season Finale "CHIKARA Reality Is Relative" on December 12, when Sinn Bodhi revealed himself to be the mastermind behind the trio of Obariyon, Kodama and the newly arrived Kobald, who were subsequently named the Batiri. Bodhi told UltraMantis Black that Mantis had asked him to train the Batiri to be Mantis' Dark Army and that he wanted the Eye of Tyr as payment. The Dark Army (Bodhi and the Batiri) attacked UltraMantis Black, leading to Mantis' longstanding nemesis Hallowicked, upon encouragement from Frightmare, to help out Mantis. The Batiri would slowly go from rudos (heels/bad guys) under first Bodhi's and later Delirious and Ophidian's leadership to tecnicos (faces/good guys). They would also compete in several other promotions, including Dragon Gate USA, CLASH Wrestling in Michigan, Wrestling Is Fun!, and Absolute Intense Wrestling in Ohio, where Obariyon and Kodama were two-time AIW Tag Team Champions. At "CHIKARA Whisper House" on May 5, 2016, UltraMantis Black, possessed by Nazmaldun, hexed Obariyon and Kodama, bringing them under Nazmaldun's control and adding them to a group that would be named the heXed Men. This ended at the second part of the 2016 Season Finale "CHIKARA Supremacy" on December 3rd. After Dasher Hatfield pinned Hallowicked to win the Torneo Cibernetico between CHIKARA's Mightiest Heroes (Dasher/Fire Ant/Princess Kimberlee/Heidi Lovelace/the Estonian Thunderfrog/Oleg the Usurper/Missile Assault Man/Ophidian) and the heXed Men (Hallowicked/Frightmare/Obariyon/Kodama/Kobald/Icarus/Mark Angelosetti/Jigsaw), Ophidian stole the Eye of Tyr from UltraMantis Black and used it on him, saying, "Be free." This turned Obariyon and Kodama tecnico again. Kodama left CHIKARA after "CHIKARA Orientation," the second event released as part of the "lost" Season 17. He has since dropped the gimmick and now wrestles as Louie Valle.