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Son of Nick Cave and Susie Bick. Twin brother of Earl Cave.

On the day of Arthur's death, he and his friend had decided to try LSD together for the first time. This decision proved fatal for Arthur as he accidentally fell from a cliff whilst under the influence of the hallucinogenic drug. He was taken to hospital and died that evening.

Half brother of Jethro Cave (b.1991), Nick Cave's son from his relationship with Beau Lazenby.

He can be heard singing and playing the piano along his twin brother Earl in the final scene of "One more time with feeling" (2016). They sang "Deep water", which they cowrote with father Nick Cave for Marianne Faithfull.

Half brother of Luke Cave (b.1991), Nick Cave's son from his relationship with Brazilian journalist Viviane Carneiro.

Was interested in filmmaking and used to make home invasions movies.

The grief caused by his passing was explored in the Nick Cave and The Bad seeds album Ghosteen, released in October 2019.

Godmother was Bella Freud.

Godfather was Phillip Treacy.