Daniel was born in Hastings East Sussex in the United Kingdom on the 18th of October 1974 and has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. He went to school at St.Pauls CofE primary school and then The Grove Secondary school followed by a few years at Cheltenham Bourneside School and Sixth Form centre.

After he finished school he went to Oxford Brookes University and earned a BSc(Hons) in Applied Physics, while at university he worked on a project with Dr.Nick Gazey of the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory entitled "The Northern lights as monitors of magnetic sub storm dynamics".

After leaving University and sorting out some of his health problems he found out about NASA World Wind, an Open Source Virtual Globe. He became a moderator on the NASA World Wind Forums, helped maintain World Wind Centrals hotspots site and knowledge base, made small contributions to the code, did alpha and beta testing and made Add-ons for the program and eventually became the Open Source Project Manager, liaising with NASA, developers and companies like Microsoft. He became a director of the Free Earth Foundation while working with NASA and we still host the World Wind Forum on behalf of NASA.

He has made several computer generated video clips for documentaries, including The History Channels "A Global Warning?" and "Hooked on the Fly" and became a Trustee for the local charity DROP - Disabled Responsible Organised People.

Daniel is a keen amateur photographer.

Daniel's First acting role was as an extra in the BBC/Netflix supernatural drama Requiem.

{2017} Daniel is a trustee for the charity DMD Pathfinders.