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  • No, I love older men! I prefer to work with the older ones. They know what they're doing!
  • [advice for people thinking about pursuing a career in porn] Don't do it until you absolutely know it's what you want to do. Don't just do it because you really need the money. If you're not a sexual person, the adult industry isn't for you. People that aren't in it because they love it are out of the industry quick. That kind of stuff shows on camera and directors will not book you. You really have to think about it for awhile. People will stop talking to you, later on certain jobs won't hire you. It's really something you have to want to do and you have to be prepared for what could happen after. When I first started shooting in May [2014], I worked for a company Tilted Kilt for four years prior. At the time, I thought I could manage TK and be in charge of marketing while shooting, but one day they fired me solely because I was shooting.
  • I'm the girl next door with a wild side!
  • In the beginning so many of my friends thought people in the [porn] industry were dirty and full of diseases. Wrong! People don't understand that performers get tested every two weeks. Also, people seem to think that because you do porn you'll just have sex with anyone and everyone. Wrong again!
  • The best thing about being a porn star [is] the fans, for sure! They're the ones that support you and make things happen. I've always loved sex and the camera, so it's literally like my calling!