Trivia (7)

Played the R.O.U.S. & Yellin "The Gatekeeper" in a Castle High School student directed version of "The Princess Bride," but was mistakenly portrayed in the yearbook as "The Man in Black.".

Known on Soundcloud & Instagram as: KnowMoreFuture.

Joined AFTRA by becoming Joe Jonas' Stand-In for each season of The Jonas Brothers' Disney Shows "J.O.N.A.S." & "Jonas L.A.".

Joined SAG by becoming Max Minghella's Stand-In in "Not Safe for Work.".

Born in New Haven, Connecticut.

Weirdest non-union gig when first starting out in L.A. was dancing around as a mascot, "T-Bear" during a book expo to promote a children's book series titled "Traveling Bear.".

Raised in Newburgh, Indiana.