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Monika Gomez del Campo Bacardi, Lady of Bayfield Hall, more known as Lady Monika Bacardi, was born in Italy. Monika Bacardi is the cofounder of AMBI Pictures, a cinematographic company that founds the production of many films. She has been living in Monaco for over twenty years and speaks five languages (French, Italian, English, German, and Spanish). Her passion for movies turned her into an active participant in the field. Monika Bacardi teamed up with Andrea Iervolino to launch AMBI Pictures in late 2013 and have rapidly put together a robust slate of films they are financing and producing for the worldwide marketplace. Headquartered in Europe, Iervolino and Bacardi's AMBI Pictures is dedicated to producing commercial films for the worldwide audience, with a mandate to serve as a top-tier supplier of mainstream projects for both the studios and major distributor worldwide. AMBI Pictures pursues marketable Hollywood talent and international stars, while fostering an artist-friendly environment for filmmakers and talent willing to explore original stories with global appeal. Here are the films that AMBI Pictures founded: - Andron - Black Labyrinth. Status: Pre-Production - Currently Casting. Delivery: September 2014. - 2047 - Sights of Death. Status: Post-Production. Delivery: June 2014 - Hope Lost. Status: Post-Production. Delivery: May 2014 - Tre Tocchi. Status: Post-Production. - East End. Status: Production - Currently Casting Voices. Delivery: November 2014 - Arctic Justice Thunder Squad. Status: Pre-Production - Currently Casting Voices. - Devil may care. Status: Pre-Production - Currently Casting. - The Humbling. Status: Post-Production. Lady Monika Bacardi got married with Luis Adalberto Facundo Gomez del Campo Bacardi, Lord of Bayfield Hall, a descendant of the founder of the Bacardi Company who run the business for over 40 years, before passing away in 2005. Lady Monika Bacardi is an entrepreneur and is involved in many philanthropic activities. She is also passionate about modern art, movies and photography. Her involvement in the area of social issues extends also to supporting arts, through her involvement in different cultural foundations. -Currently-