Isabel Canzoneri is Brazilian. She was born in the South and moved to Sao Paulo at young age. She did theater and modeling when she was a teenager and had to give up that to enter the work force when she was still young to help support herself and help her family. She graduated in Marketing and worked most of her adult life as Executive Assistant for foreigner companies.

She moved to California in 2007 and shortly after, she got married and became a citizen in 2012. Looking for jobs here was a very interesting experience and it was very difficult to find a job in the field she was used to. She wrote a book in form of a diary, (The American Dream and Everything in Between - Diary of and Immigrant), where she talks about her journey searching for jobs, which, for an immigrant is not an easy task. It's a funny take on a very serious subject, which is immigration. She believes the book can help other immigrants like her, to understand and perhaps find ideas on how to make it easier for them, when moving to another country. It's not a how to book, however, some things she did, may help others who find themselves in her situation.

In 2013 she was presented with an opportunity to work as an Actress and since then, she's been working in the field and her old passion came right back into her life. She sees that as a destiny and now follows her passion doing commercials, educational videos, industrial, prints and films, both, in San Diego and Los Angeles markets.