Alex Story performed as "Cancerslug" from 1999 to the present. Touring and recording with various line-ups of Cancerslug, Alex wrote and performed hundreds of songs. many of these demo recordings were given away and traded in underground music circuits over the years creating a cult following. in 2012 Cancerslug recorded "seasons of sickness", the first studio album of the current version of Cancerslug. in 2016 the band released the second studio album of this cycle "Sassy For Satan" . Alex also fronts the doom/thrash band "Doyle" featuring Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein of the Misfits. Alex and Doyle co wrote the album "Abominator" together and released it to rave reviews in 2013. the two have toured extensively as Doyle(the band) and have a new album planned for release in 2016 called "As We Die" Alex has been known to use knives, razors, broken glass, or torn beer cans to self-mutilate on stage during his performances. Story claims that the act is spontaneous and a nod to shaman, priests and witch doctors known to spill blood during sacred rites to commune with gods and spirits. he has also been known to brand the "slugcult" logo into the flesh of fans at shows using heated irons. other projects Alex has been involved with include "born in angel blood" "the ultra creeps" several books and a solo acoustic career. Story plans to move more into film over the next few years.