Sam Hunt Poster


Sam Hunt was born in rural Cedartown, Georgia, on Dec. 8th 1984 (30 years old). Hunt grew up listening to 90's country, and after years of being shown other music such as Usher in the locker room, Hunt writes songs that are like no other. He played quarterback for the University of Alabama at Birmingham (Go Blazers!), and was signed for a short time as a free-agent for the Kansas City Chiefs. After his football career showed that it just wasn't right, Hunt moved to Nashville. He wrote Come Over, which Kenny Chesney would record, Cop Car, that Keith Urban would bring some attention to, and We Are Tonight, which was recorded by Billy Currington. After these songs showed that Hunt's style was loved, he started singing some. He is known best for Singing "Leave the Night On", though other songs include "X2C", "Take Your Time", "House Party", "Breakup in A Smalltown", and "Vandalizer". So, there is a Sam Hunt song for every mood! Go check him out today on YouTube @SamHuntMusic!