Per Fredrik Pellek ├ůsly is a singer, songwriter and actor, known for his vocal range which spans four octaves, and for having millions of dedicated followers on YouTube. Per Fredrik grew up in the small coastal city of Sandefjord, Norway, where from an early age, he acted in several kids and teen-television shows, broadcast on Norwegian TV. After finishing school he worked many jobs while writing music at night, sharing his work with the world via the internet and through extensive touring in the U.S and Europe. Per Fredrik quickly became Norway's most subscribed musician on YouTube. In 2014 at the age of 27, the actor who often goes by the name "PelleK" announced that he would be playing lead protagonist "Alex Huntsman" in the feature film "Creators - The Past" opposite William Shatner and Gerard Depardieu. Shortly after filming, Per Fredrik starred in "Dancing with the Stars" where he was on for 10 episodes and wound up winning fifth place. July third 2016 he was confirmed for his second movie "Infected", after having spent a long time singing for the Japanese video-game company Square Enix (Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts), and touring the world as temporary lead-vocalist for the band DragonForce. Being able to sing in many languages (Mostly Japanese, Chinese, English, Spanish, Italian and French), PelleK has also lent his voice to other TV-series and game-companies from around the world, such as Saban's Power Rangers, Path of Exile and League of Legends.