Grecia Castta Poster


Grecia Castta is a Spanish actress born on September 19, 1995, in Madrid, Spain. She started her acting studies at Madrid's Municipal School of Dramatic Arts at the same time she was finishing her academic studies. Later, she continued her acting studies at Juan Carlo Corazza's International Acting Studio and also studied classical and oriental dance. Grecia is fluent in three languages; Spanish, English, and Italian. She is an Italian Neorealist and American Classics film buff. Some of her favorites are, "The Bicycle Thief," "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow," " "Umberto D.," "The Apartment," "Some Like it Hot," and "A Streetcar Named Desire." Her favorite movie directors are, Billy Wilder, George Cukor, Peter Jackson, Tim Burton and Woody Allen. Her favorite playwrights are, Tennessee Williams, Anton Chekhov and Arthur Miller. She is an avid listener and fan of Jazz and Soul music. Grecia abides by a strict healthy lifestyle and the philosophy that, "An actor should be as disciplined as an elite athlete." Since the age of 5, she has been collecting Marilyn Monroe memorabilia. Her collection includes original Marilyn movie posters; first edition books; literature in different languages; and an autograph of the late famous actress.