Lin Zhao was born on October 12, 1988 in Hebei, China. He moved to the United States in 2008. Lin Zhao graduated at University of California, Davis in Film Studies and Theater, he earns his MFA Degree at New York Film Academy in Filmmaking. At school, he directed Dice God(2013), The Kidnap(2013), There is A Night(2014), Helping Hand(2014), Strangers In the Night(2014) and Last Chance(2015). His short film Seventy Two Hours(2014), a romantic dark comedy, got selected into Cannes Short Film Festival 2015. Lin Zhao is working on his next film Jiaozi(2015), a story about culture clash between Eastern and Western culture in a 9 years old American Born Chinese boy in Mississippi. This film has screened at the Theater of Warner Brothers and selected into 7 film festivals so far. As a writer, director, and producer of short films and experience on television shows, Lin Zhao continually found his greatest successes have been achieved in the areas of Shooting Virtual Reality (VR) Videos, Writing VR stories and Directing VR Short films and series. In Lin Zhao's present role, he have write/produced/directed his first VR Sci-fi Series called "T.I.M. The Invisible Man" at Bado Studio.