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In April 2018, she froze her eggs due to her battle with endometriosis, which can bring infertility in the future.

Halsey became pregnant while on tour promoting her album, though suffered a miscarriage in July 2015. She attributed her hectic work schedule to the miscarriage, which she did not publicly speak of until 2016.

Is biracial of African-American, Irish, Italian, and Hungarian descent.

Committed suicide attempt at age 17 and subsequent time seeking treatment in a psychiatric hospital. During her stay, she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, which her mother is also living with.

Her lucky number is 17.

Halsey is an anagram of her name Ashley and a street in Brooklyn where she spent most of her free time growing up.

Her known tattoos are Beck's lyric "I'm a loser baby", a pair of Air Jordans and legs, two kissing mouths, XXX, two roses, "nightmare", barbed wire (to cover a G-Eazy tattoo), Marilyn Manson spray painted, "BRAT", a knife with a belt, a Libra scale weighing sins and forgiveness (a Lil' Wayne lyric), Queen of Diamonds symbol, four elements, 17, a face with the word "EVERYTHING", the planet Mars, dice, a match, a upside down horseshoe, "serendipity", a Star Wars character, "heaven in hiding", a butterfly, 511, a pair of jeans with the Playboy logo, "baby", an om symbol, musical score, "hopeless", an anchor, a sword, "these violent delights have violent ends", and "FEROX".

Her musical influences include Nirvana, Alanis Morissette, the Cure, Gin Blossoms, Tupac, Biggie, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, and Slick Rick.