Marque Dixon Poster


Marque Lamont Dixon born from Los Angeles California. He is an American Director/ Screenplay writer / Executive Producer/ Actor and former Hip Hop Artist later moving to Washington DC Nations Capitol. He was cast as the lead role in the independent film Broken Trust (2016). He is also known for House of Cards TV Series on Netflix, For MyMan on TVOne, Criminals at work on BET (2016), House of Horrors Kidnapped on the ID channel 2016.

Marque Dixon also stepped into a Director / Actor role as the Lead Actor for G.A.N.G.S.T.E.R.S a SAG/AFTRA Indie Movie. He also was apart of The Sultan and the SaintDrama Documentary 2016 which appeared on PBS. He also was the Director of the Wannabees TV Comedy 2017 indie pilot, and Assistant Director of 'KING SUN' SAG/AFTRA Indie web series coming 2018. He has begun Pre Production and Script writing for the upcoming Indie SAG/AFTRA indie movies Titilated & 'RENEGADE' coming 2019. Marque Dixon also appeared as a VIP Spectator in the Box office movie Creed II coming soon in 2018.