Brycee Adiah Melanie Bassey was born on October 3rd, 1987 in Wichita, Kansas to a Nigerian father and a Black and Native American mother. She began acting in plays from the age of four and continued to do theater throughout most of her junior school years. She started her professional acting career in Nigeria after graduating with a degree in Modern and Classical Literature in Spanish and in addition to that studied French and Portuguese. Just six months after arriving in Lagos, she made her first major debut as the star actress in Deadline (2013), a prime time drama series on Ebony Life TV on DSTV, which she later won Best Actress in a TV Series for in 2015 at the ELOY Awards (Exquisite Magazine Lady of the Year Award). Shortly after that, she starred in her first feature film on Africa Magic Showcase on DSTV again called Perfect Union (2014). She starred in her first big screen film, Breathless (2015), which premiered theaters in 2016 and continued to land other major roles in films and series. Brycee is also a professional violinist, writer, and currently executive producing an original series in Nigeria.