Alexa Valentino Poster


Alexa first stepped on a stage at Long Island's John W. Engeman Theater as Young Kangaroo in "Seussical". Since then, she's appeared at the Smithtown PAC (Les Miserables, Annie) and at the Davenport Theatre in NYC as Ellen in "Number the Stars". Alexa has also appeared in Commercials, on Film and in a few web-series. Alexa has recently filmed a new pilot (The Mortician), voiced the role of Daisy the puppy in a TV pilot "Herbie and the Smushies", a print add for Playground Sessions and a main role on NBC's miniseries "Ministry of Evil, The Twisted Cult of Tony Alamo". Her past film credits include, "The Magician's Assistant", "Uncle Gareth" and "Inspired By Punk Rock".