Ashna Sharan Poster


An award winning storyteller and former pageant queen from Virginia, Ashna moved to LA to pursue her acting dreams. With her grandma being a refugee and her family split across India, Singapore, Uganda and Oman, she is cosmopolitan...also known as a chameleon because of her portrayal of different cultures authentically. Doing an ancestry test, it was revealed she was also part Polynesian. She was born and raised in America speaking Hindi and Urdu (outside of English). She is also fluent in Spanish from working/living in Peru as well as having studied it for 5 years in school.

Growing up watching her mother dance on stage for cultural events and her father being an avid photographer and videographer, she grew up performing as young as 4 years old on stage. Having been a classically trained dancer, she performed at the renowned Kennedy Center in DC at 14 along with other venues. Learning how to express herself through dance helped her when it came to acting.