Kelley Wilson Robinson is a professional actor, who currently resides in Greenville, South Carolina. Credits to her name include work in feature films such as The Good Things Devils Do (Gravitas Ventures), Ted Bundy Had a Son, The Sinful South, Bound, and I Hate X'mas.

Kelley has experience in fund-raising, and producing results, bringing multiple financiers to the table to make sure a project is fulfilled to completion. She was named Associate Producer on the set of The Good Things Devils Do, even being relentless on set behind the scenes as well. She incorporated her skills on pre-production, such as wardrobe creation (Melvin, Masquerade, Danny), assisting the director with script-related duties, and aiding in some of the post production process. She lent her dutiful expertise in organizing Greenville's marketing campaign for Champion, the feature.

Kelley has a professional teaching degree, and has twenty-three years cheerleading experience as both a cheerleader and varsity coach with 5 state championship titles to her name. She is a dancer, has modeled professionally for Bacardi, J&P Cycles, Schick Intuition, and more. She acts as brand ambassador for Veronique, Sincerely Sally Boutique, Zahara Swim and many more, with over ninety companies in the que wanting her to represent their company.

Kelley is a zealous worker, a high-energy, get-it-done asset on set, but most notably, she is a talented performer who loses herself in her role, and convincingly executes her craft to make sure her performances are in line with the director's vision.