Brittany Picard Poster


Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, Brittany grew up surrounded and influenced by the arts. Her father, who passed away when she was only 4 months old, was a musician and her mother was extremely creative, artistic, and talented in singing and dance. Brittany began dancing at the age of 3 and is classically trained in Ballet, Modern & Jazz. The minute she hit the stage, Brittany knew this is where she wanted to be. She studied dance at Ohio University and the following year transferred to Kent State University where she discovered her love of theater. Brittany attempted to pursue Musical Theater studies on top of her already demanding major in Visual Communications and Design. She, unfortunately, could not find the time for both majors, so she decided to put theater to the side at that time to pursue her career in Graphic and Web Design.

After raising a family and pursuing her career goals she finally decided it was time to pursue acting. Brittany got in touch with a local agency who signed her on the spot and she landed her first audition a few weeks later. The minute Brittany walked into that audition room and picked up that script, she knew right then she had finally made the right decision. Brittany had finally found her true calling! It all just felt right. Everything came so naturally and she felt she had been doing this her entire life.

Brittany has now been able to find time for all of her passions. She is a Digital Marketer, Web & Graphic Designer, Dancer, & Mother. She has two children is so very thankful for the sacrifices her family has made in order for her to pursue her dreams. She strives to teach her children that you can be anything your heart desires, you just have to be willing to work your tush off for it!