Matthew Tye, born in Binghamton New York, on December 27th, 1986 is best known for his work in the documentary, Conquering Southern China, and its sequel, Conquering Northern China.

Matthew, or as he is more commonly known, C-Milk, is an internet personality who documents his life in China on his YouTube channel, laowhy86.

Most describe his videos as upbeat, fun, and candid. Known for traversing rural China by motorcycle, his journeys have been documented throughout his 10 year stay in China.

In 2013, Matthew married Vivienne Wei, and they have a daughter, Olivia.

Matthew also co-hosts another YouTube channel, ADVChina, where he, and YouTube creator SerpentZA (Winston Sterzel), ride their hand built motorcycles around China, and present a talk show style show, usually focusing on China.