Michael J. Williams, born in Miami, Florida, is an Independent Publisher and author of the books: The South Beach Slayer, Parasitic, America Amerikkka Amepnka, Parasitic Predators, and his first novel The Patriot Complex. A writer of fiction, his four books of short stories focus on topics ranging from racism, social injustice, police brutality, discrimination, government conspiracies and foreign intervention. A writer of original screenplays, he has written several original feature-length screenplays like his Sci-Fi Action Thriller: Darkness Awakens, Longinus, and Phoenix Dark, and Physiological Thrillers like his screenplays Impaired and Exigency, and Political Action Thriller: The Patriot Complex. He has also written an hour-long dramatic series for premium cable and or SVOD titled Y.O. By: Michael J. Williams